About this Blog

The purpose of this blog is to explore the technology that interests me. I intend to use this as an area for fielding new ideas, exploring established ones and reinterpreting both.

I also intend to start chronicling my various projects that I undertake in an attempt to both help others who wish to start them and to get feedback on better and more efficient methods. My projects are not to be seen as “How-To” guides, but merely as a general map as to how I approached and completed them (hopefully).

I post a blog entry every Monday that focuses on something relevant that I wish to discuss or a longer, more detailed post that focuses on a single aspect of technology, software, hardware or a current project.

Of course I reserve the right to update my posts and to change my mind as time goes on. I may love something at one point, but hate it later or vice versa. I also reserve the right to take down, edit or block the users of any posts that I do not feel adds to the discussion at hand.

-CJ Julius