Google Plans to Take Over the U.S. (and that’s a good thing)

Google Fiber is coming...

Google Fiber is coming…

As I’ve pointed out before, when you list the industries that consumers like least usually the cable companies make the top three. Sometimes they’re beaten out by airlines or gaming companies (EA), but the common wisdom is true. People hate their cable companies in mass, and for very good reasons.

As much as I’d like to go on a rant about how much cable companies charge versus the services they offer etc, the point is that they’re already in a weak position. If any company entered with a viable alternative that was even marginally better or priced more reasonably, Time Warner and Comcast would be forced to compete.

Enter Google Fiber. Now, I’m not going to argue every point that this article does, you can read that for yourself and I don’t necessarily agree with everything it says. However one thing is almost certain, Google is positioning itself for a fiber takeover. With the new addition of the city of Provo, it looks like this Google Fiber plan is way beyond ‘test pilot’ and the company is steaming towards a full roll-out.


A Google Fiber Modem. (c) Google Fiber

But the question is why you should care. I’m only going to touch on these in brief, but there are three good reasons: Higher bandwidth, Free Public Wi-Fi and net neutrality.

Fiber offers higher bandwidth. That’s a no-brainer. But, we already suffer some of the slowest speeds in the industrialized world for internet access… and it was invented here! There are some that are slower, like Canada, but in general our internet infrastructure lags behind many others and the telecommunications companies are largely to blame.

Not only will Fiber itself be faster, but it’ll force other technologies to compete. TWC, Comcast and other cable companies will have to bring down their prices. Google Fiber has built into its contract and modems a method by which every subscriber becomes a low-bandwidth Wi-Fi hotspot. AT&T and other mobile companies will have to step up their game or at least lower their prices to compete if Google Fiber gets wide-spread adoption. And believe me, if it rolls out in other cities like it has in the “test” cities, then it will.

Google has also been a proponent of net neutrality, which is good for consumers. Net neutrality becomes a moot issue if everyone has access to the internet, and provides internet to everyone around them.

Google Fiber’s win is a win for all internet users.

-CJ Julius


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